Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gratitude, Day 19

Do you live in North Carolina like I do? Have you ever eaten at Village Inn Pizza?

If you haven't you should find the one nearest to you and go there immediately. If you don't live here, but will be visiting, then you should go to Village Inn while you're here.

Everyone has that one pizza place that is their own definition of the perfect pizza. Village Inn is that pizza place for me. My memories of this pizza parlor go back to childhood when my family would go there and my brother and I would watch them make our pizzas from our booth. You can see the kitchen and brick oven from the dinning room. We would sit there, backwards in the booth seat, waiting with quiet anticipation for the moment that our pizza would come out, hot, steamy, and delicious.

Sadly there is not a Village Inn where I live now. It's a serious flaw in this community. Sometimes I find myself craving it and seriously consider making the two hour round trip just to have it. My cravings are pretty strong. Pregnancy is going to be interesting for me some day.

Today I made a visit to my hometown. I had a luncheon with sausage and pepperoni. It was heaven. I think if we ever move to another location in this state I'll request that we take into consideration how far we are from the closest Village Inn.

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