Saturday, December 18, 2010

Photogenic Friday: A patchwork Christmas

I tried and tried and tried to post this yesterday. I had actually filmed a little video of my decorations, but it just wouldn't upload and I don't know if it was my fault or blogger's. Oh well.

When Andy and I moved in November, we left a large chunk of our belongings back in North Carolina to pick up at a later, undetermined, date. Our new apartment was unfurnished, 300 square feet less than we usually had and contained a third person. It just didn't make sense to haul all our stuff across the country to pay someone to store it for us when we could store it in NC for free. Among the things we left behind were all of our Christmas decorations. All the decorations I'd taken time to pick out or hand craft are still in their box and will stay there for another year. I miss them.

I couldn't let Christmas pass with no decorations, but at the same time we didn't really need to spend the money on new ones, especially since we wouldn't have had anywhere to store them when Christmas was over. So, I made all our decorations this year. I bought a gigantic pack of paper (180 12x12 sheets) all with different, but coordinating designs, and pulled out my Cricut cutter (I didn't bring a lot of things, but I refused to leave NC without my craft supplies). It took some time, but I have achieved an end result that I'm happy with.

When I got everything put up I looked around and realized that it reminds me of a patchwork quilt, which in turn makes me think of the South and home.

(Click photos to enlarge)

Merry Christmas banner

Cards over the window


Tiny little tree

Christmas village

The other half

If they have to be on the mantle, they have to be decorated

Update: My Christmas cards are going in the mail today. They didn't arrive until yesterday. This is the latest I have ever sent out my cards and it's stressing me out. I appears the postal service here is painfully slow, which I hope is just a result of the holiday season and not a year round problem. Look for your cards next week!

Happy holidays!

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  1. Those are awesome decorations even more impressive that you made them all! Merry Christmas to you both. Enjoy your white one!