Saturday, October 18, 2008


After we worked out the small matter of a dead car battery my mom came up with my niece and nephews in tow. They are visiting my parents this weekend. We spent some time making white chocolate ghosts in celebration of the upcoming holiday, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween as some people like to call it. They were supposed to be lollipops, but the grocery store didn't have the sticks and since I wasn't going all over creation to find them we just called them cookies. Solid chocolate cookies.

First you put some white chocolate chips in a double boiler
After they are melted mix in 1.5 tbs vegetable oil
This makes the chocolate easier to spread
and shiny when it's hard
Use a tablespoon to spread a dollop of chocolate around
on wax paper in a ghost shape
Have a helper put mini chocolate chip eyes
(and sometimes mouths) on them

(It's ok if My Little Pony wants to help too)
Wait for them to harden
Sometimes that's hard to do
Maybe giving them a pep talk will help them harden faster
With the right distractions waiting isn't hard at allThen have Nana try to take a staged fall picture
with a lens smudged with little boy fingerprints
Once they finally harden take them off the wax paper
and they're ready to eat

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  1. Hey,
    Mom here. The pics are cute. We need to try again. I left my phone at the hospital last night.
    And I can't remember you phone number. Please call me!!!!!!!
    I love the page with about Julie.

    Love ya bunches!!!!!!!!!!!