Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mens wear

What wife out there doesn't like to steal her husband's most comfy, worn in clothes and bum around the house in them?

I am no exception to the rule here. I regularly steal Andy's tag less undershirts to sleep in or just to wear for the day. It drives him crazy. He says that he never has any undershirts clean because I steal them all the time. But I'm here to tell you that is a lie. Actual undershirts make up only about fifty percent of his t-shirt wardrobe. He has many, many other shirts with screen printing on them. And he is an equal opportunity t-shirt employer. It doesn't matter if the shirt is plain or not, as long as you can't see it through his top shirt he'll wear it. He even wears one screen printed shirt under another. As long as I've known him he's been a two shirter. He feels naked if he goes out the door with less than two shirts on his back.

Yet, he still complains when I wear his clothes. Sometimes I humor him and say that I'm going to go buy my own pack of men's undershirts in a smaller size so I won't have to use his anymore. Of course, I have no intention of doing so. I don't wear them out of the house and the whole appeal of them is that they are over sized.

With all the undershirt love going on around here it was inevitable that eventually I was going to move on to other parts of his wardrobe. If you don't already know this, Andy works in the ski industry. In this industry he comes in contact with company reps who shower him with all kinds of schwag from their companies to persuade him to buy their products. Last year about this time the ramp-up to ski season was starting, as it is now, and Andy came home regularly with his arms full of crap that he doesn't need, but will find a purpose for.

One thing in particular interested me though. One of the reps, that just happens to be a friend of ours, gave him a t-shirt plastered with the company name. Normally I don't care for such things because I don't ski, but this particular shirt had a super cool design on it. And it was soft. The kind of soft that makes you want to cover your body in the fabric and never take it off, even in the shower.

The shirt was a little small on Andy. His size wasn't available. So I begged and pleaded for him to pass it on to me. I needed to have this shirt. No dice. He was keeping it for himself. Something about it being too tight and making his muscles look bigger. Whatever. I asked him to get one from our rep friend for me, but of course my own shirt never materialized.

For the past year he has worn it every chance he gets. As soon as I launder it he puts it on. Even if he is only using it as an undershirt. And for the past year I have looked at this shirt in the laundry and been annoyed that I didn't have one of my own.

Until last night.

It occurred to me that I do the laundry in this place. I wash it and dry it and fold it and put it into piles. I could just "accidentally" put the super soft, super cool shirt in my pile. So I did.

And guess what I'm wearing today?

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  1. This made me laugh so hard! I can just picture you now in his shirt.