Friday, October 3, 2008

Hell froze over

Two things happened today that I never would have guessed could ever happen. Not unless the cosmos make a major shift causing the whole world to change. There is something very wrong happening right now.

First, I went to see Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. It was great! You should all go.

I was the first one in the theater at the first showing today at one thirty in the afternoon. The film isn't exactly what I'd call deep or thought provoking, but that isn't what I was expecting. I went in looking for something to entertain me for an hour and a half. And entertain it did. No shock there. What was shocking was that this movie made me wish I was a teenager again. GASP! Never, in the seven years since I left teendom behind, have I ever thought that it would be enjoyable to go back to that loathsome time in my life. But as I sat in the theater engrossed in the wild night that Nick and Norah were having, I found myself wishing I was there with them; the world wide open in front of me waiting for me to jump in. Don't worry, I have come back to my senses, but there is something magical or hypnotic in that movie. There is no other explanation for that thought crossing through my brain.

Next, my mother called me a few minutes ago.

There is nothing crazy about that. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother and I talk to her with regularity. The odd, life altering part, was the motivation behind the call. She and my step dad are on vacation at the moment and as they do not have a laptop she has been sans her computer all week. I'll just ad lib the conversation for you.

Ring, Ring

Me: Hey Momma

Mom: Hey Joanna, how are you doing?

Me: I'm good. What are you up to?

Mom: Terry and I are still on vacation

Me: Oh, I'd forgotten that. How is it?

Mom: OK, we've done nothing but sleep.

Me: That sounds nice.

Mom: It is.

She asked at this point if I'd heard anything new lately and I fed her some general chit chat news. Nothing exciting. Then she got down to it.

Mom: Well, can you look up on the internet real quick what the loto numbers were for October first?


Me: (Making my way to the computer) Are you playing the lottery?

Mom: Yes.

Me: But you voted against the lottery, you didn't think we should have one.

Mom: I know, just tell me the numbers.

Me: blah, blah, blah x2. I can't believe you're playing the lottery.

Mom: Well, when I win I'm going to pay off all our debt and take our whole family on a really big vacation to Disney World.

Me: (laughs)

Mom: Don't laugh at me. You won't laugh when I win.

The odd thing here is that my mother was vehemently opposed to the NC lottery. Not only did she believe they would use the money for something corrupt instead of bolstering the education system, but she also believes that gambling is a sin. All she did leading up to the election was rant about how this lottery was going to be the downfall of our state and effectually send us all straight to hell (I may be exaggerating a bit here). I guess her own personal Screwtape got the better of her and she decided millions of dollars was worth giving up her soul. (more exaggeration).

So you can see how my world has turned upside down today. I feel light headed. Maybe I'll go lie down and think about how I can convince my mother that I'd rather take a trip to Europe than to Disney World.

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