Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Best, A giving heart

I mentioned yesterday that Julie is a giver. She would give away everything in her possession to make another person more comfortable or happy. But she doesn't just give material things. She gives of herself as well. She has a knack of lifting people's spirits and she uses any means necessary to do so. Even if it means giving up her dignity. She'll make a complete fool of herself just to make people around her laugh.

Everything reminds her of a song. She has constant music going in her head and if she can't come up with an actual song to sing, she'll just make one up. There comes to mind a song about bugs that still makes the rounds every now and then. She was in the car with her mom and it was summer, when it seems all bugs have a death wish. Their windshield was plastered with dead insects and so Julie made up a diddy to commemorate their passing. We sing it often and it is the source of much laughter.

One time I was having a bad time of it and Julie wrote me a story. Here it is:

The Unenchanted Kingdom
by Julieanna

There once was a girl named Joanna and she was a fair princess who lived in the enchanted Kingdom. Her father was the fair and just king who ruled with her mother, the queen. They lived in a large castle where they had many servants and guests. Princess Joanna loved to live here, but felt that she needed to obtain some adversity. So she told the king and queen she was moving to the unenchanted kingdom ruled by the fun loving and shameless princess Julie!

The king and queen begge
d and bribed Princess Joanna not to move to the horrible fun place, but princess Joanna wouldn't listen. She packed her bags in her jeep and drove to the unenchanted kingdom where she found an apartment next to Princess Julie. There princess Joanna learned how to cook, how to do her own laundry, and how to spackle and paint her own room!

he jumped and screamed so much that Princess Julie came over to make sure everything was OK. Princess Joanna Said she was awesome and wanted to live here forever. Princess Julie said that was groovy and there were some simple rules of the unenchanted kingdom. Rule #1. Have fun Rule #2. Laugh a lot Rule #3 Be happy with yourself Rule #4 Be yourself

This made Princess Joanna happy. She and princess Julie became fast best friends
and remained so forever, and t hey lived happily every after.

The End

I have no idea what was going on that made her write this, but it makes me smile to read it and think about everything we've experienced together. Julie is the sister I never had, and I look forward to all the fun we are going to have in the future.

Writing some nonsense and enjoying hershey barsOn a vacation to the Natahala River with Julie's family.
This picture was taken about 30 seconds before
Jule ate it in the river and lost one of her flip flops
forever. We sure did love our overalls, huh?At the beach with my family.
You can't tell here, but we had matching swimsuits.
feet on the beachThis one is too ridiculous to explain,
but it makes me laugh.In our hotel in NYC getting ready
to go see Aida. It was amazing!At her grandparent's 50th wedding anniversaryMy college graduationShe laced me upWedding feetBalling our eyes out before I walked down the isleJulie's wedding, two weeks after mine.
This is where I would have put the picture of our feet from Julie's wedding, but I can't find it on my computer.

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