Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Always be prepared"

This afternoon Andy decided it was time to pack his suitcase for his upcoming ski trip.

He leaves March 7.

If you look in my sidebar you'll see that I spent a little time on twitter making fun of  him. Mostly because he asked me to be his "assistant" and mark things off his hand written list as he packed them.

He wasn't really packing two weeks in advance. The purpose of this preliminary packing was so he could go weigh his suitcase to make sure it meets the weight requirement for checked baggage at the airport.

He's trying to save money. I appreciate that.

So while I spent some time teasing him I applaud his efforts and it really wasn't something that deserved a whole blog post.

Twitter was sufficient to let the world know about  his neurotic preparation for this trip.

He got everything in the suitcase and then left to weigh it. Before he left he asked to have  his list and said that he was going to compare packing notes with one of his travel partners to make sure they weren't forgetting anything.

And still I didn't feel the need to make fun of him on my blog. Twitter was still enough.

Then he came home and presented me with this:

In his words: The Official Packing Check List

He finally reached blog post status.

I'm sure as the date approaches the madness will continue.

Sometimes he takes being an Eagle scout very seriously.

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  1. The best part of the list is that he has the number of all of those things he needs... AND what he needs to UPS!