Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simple & delicious

These last couple weeks Andy and I have been enjoying really big breakfasts together. I'm talking a feast - eggs, bacon or sausage or liver mush (sometimes two of these), biscuits, hash browns, pancakes. The list could go on.

It's been wonderful. Breakfast food is among some of our favorites and it's so easy to whip up, but this morning I needed something different; something less heavy. So I made a smoothie.

I've been meaning to share my smoothie recipe for a while now and I finally remembered to snap a few pictures while I was whipping up this morning's concoction.

Joanna's Fruit Smoothie

You'll need:

Plain Yogurt
A Banana (frozen)
Frozen Fruit (whatever you like)
And a blender, of course

I like to use my measuring cups to make the smoothie. I don't really measure anything (so to speak) because I generally just use "equal parts" of ingredients in this recipe. The measuring cups just help me know I'm using about the same amount of each ingredient. I use the 1/4 or 1/3 cup measure, whichever is clean.

Into the blender:

The banana (I like to slice my bananas and freeze them in individual baggies so I can just pull one out when I need it. You don't have to freeze them. I do it because it makes the smoothie thicker). Next put in two scoops of yogurt and two scoopfuls of milk. Put in some frozen fruit. However much you would like. For this one I used one scoopful of blueberries and two scoops of strawberries. Lastly, drizzle in some honey. Enough to make you happy, but don't go too crazy. This is a fruit smoothie, not a fruit and honey smoothie.

Pulse a few times until it's all blended together. Sometimes the honey likes to stick to the sides of the blender. So check all around to make sure you don't have any rogue honey. Go ahead and scrape down the pitcher if you need to. Pulse a couple more times. Taste it to make sure it's how you like it. Add more milk if it's too thick; more fruit or honey until it's just right. Pour it into a glass and enjoy!
I like to experiment with fruit combinations. So far my favorite is mango with a few cranberries thrown in. No kidding. It's delicious. Trust me. This recipe will easily serve two as a side or beverage for breakfast. But I have no trouble drinking the whole thing myself in the mornings. It also makes an excellent snack or post workout treat.
So, whip up some pancakes with your live muffin and enjoy them with a smoothie. Or keep it all for yourself and let everyone else fend for themselves, which is exactly what I did today.

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