Monday, February 22, 2010

Y'all, I was internet-less for TWO DAYS!



I'll stop screaming now.

The truth? It really wasn't that bad. ::gasp::

I read a lot and the whole "being without internet" thing didn't start to bother me until last night when I finished my current book. Pretty good for an addict.

Why did it go out? I really don't know. Friday it worked fine. Saturday morning it didn't. We tried to call, but apparently our internet provider doesn't work on the weekends. Not even the 24 hour customer service number.

But then this morning everything was a-okay. So whatever. No big deal.

I did spend over three hours this  morning getting caught up on everything. Blogs, the nest, facebook, email, twitter. Well, not twitter. If I walk away from twitter for more than two hours I have no idea what the hell is going on, so trying to catch up for the last two days? Not going to happen. If something important happened while I was gone you can re-tweet it. I'd be much obliged.

Other than internet loss it was a fairly calm weekend. Andy is getting ready to go on a ski trip. It seems like when he is going out of town, even for a small time, we spend a lot of energy getting ready for his departure and absence. 

I have some book reviews to update you on. One of them is a non-diet diet book. <---Oxymoron

Also, we're loving the Olympics. Watching ice dancing with Andy is possibly the most entertaining thing ever. (As opposed to watching it alone.) Neither of us really understands what constitutes a good routine. Last night these are some of the things that Andy said during the competition:

"I mean. I don't know about the judges, but I think that was pretty alright."

"The audience seems to enjoy it. I guess that's a good thing."

"They seem to spend a lot of time touching each other in inappropriate places." <--- my favorite

So that about wraps it up folks.

Oh wait! It rained last night! Rain! So the giant snow drift at our door has melted down to a perfectly reasonable and manageable pile. Just in time for it to snow again Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. My feelings on the snow are currently undetermined. I'll update you.

Happy Monday!

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