Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Week Extravaganza!

April 3, that is my birthday. In case you don't have a calendar near you that would be this Saturday.

Each year I get obnoxious about my birthday and I insist on celebrating a whole week. Sometimes I like to try to stretch it out for the whole month of April, but as I've gotten older less and less people humor me. Imagine the nerve!

So anyway, it's my birthday week! Yay me!

I've decided to celebrate on my blog, so each day this week I'm going to post about me - my favorite subject.

It's only fitting that I start with telling you about my actual birth, but I don't remember it. Pesky newborn memories and all, they don't stretch very far. So instead I interviewed the next best person, my mom.

Joanna: What was my due date?   
Mom:April 15

J: So I was early. I don't think I knew that. Did you think I was a boy or a girl? 
M: I thought you were a girl. But they told me you were a boy.  
J: Because girls are totally better. What were some of the names you were considering? 
M: "Joseph Ezra"  That was the only boy name.  Girl names: Jordan   -  Jerusha  -  Joanna all with the middle name of Raye.  Your Daddy's suggestion was Mary Margaret.  Since all our names started with the letter "j"   so was yours!
J: You know how I feel about Jerusha. Thank goodness you decided against it! How did you finally decide on my name?  
M: I liked Joanna - She was one of the ladies in the bible that went to the tomb of Jesus on Easter Morning.  Your name had to be in the bible because Joseph, Julia and Joshua all are.
J: I think that's a fitting name since my birthday often falls around Easter. It was meant to be! How long were you in labor? 
M: I felt bad on Friday,  didn't eat much.  Pains that you could count about 10:00pm on Friday the 2nd.  Your were born 3:36 or 32?  AM 
J: I've always preferred morning to night. Who was with you in the delivery room?
M: Your aunt Pam, some nurses & Dr. B
J: What do you remember thinking (if anything) when you first saw me? 
M: Oh how beautiful and you had the yuky white stuff on you.  How wonderful to have a baby girl to go with my little boy.
J: How long did you stay in the hospital?  
M: I think 'till Monday
J: What did Josh think of me?  
M: He liked you until you started the crying.  He wanted to take you to the dump. You hurt his ears.
J: I had forgotten that story about Josh, I hope you wrote it in my baby book. What did I wear when I came home?
M: A pink one piece outfit with matching blanket.

J: Am I your favorite? (It's ok to say yes, because it's my birthday week.)
M: You are my favorite girl.  And will alway be my baby.

Always the diplomat, my mother.

Stay tuned! More about me to come tomorrow!

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