Monday, March 15, 2010

The Man finally made it home...

Andy's plane was supposed to land late Friday & he should have been home just after midnight. That is not what happened.

Friday afternoon he called to tell me he was at the airport waiting to board. Not too long after that he called again to tell me one of his flights had been delayed because of bad weather.

The original trek home was supposed to go like this: Salt Lake to Denver to Cincinnati to Greensboro

The Denver flight was delayed which meant they would miss their connection in Cincinnati.

No problem, they were going to fly him from SL to Dallas and then to Greensboro. (Are you completely confused yet?) He would get in later, but only by about two hours.

Again, he called me and told me that wasn't going to work because the flight in Dallas was all ready full.

So the newest plan was for the airport to send the weary travelers to a hotel for the night and then get them on a plane the next morning. Their new flight pattern: SL to Atlanta to Charlotte.

Ok, fine I could survive for one more day without him. Saturday morning they got to the airport bright and early again & all was well. They made all their flights and happily landed in Charlotte just before 5.

But the drama did not end there.

Their luggage had been sent to Greensboro which is where they were originally supposed to land. Apparently the woman in the Charlotte airport was very rude and instead of offering to have the bags delivered she told them that if they wanted their luggage they would have to pick it all up themselves.

Andy. was. ticked.

They retrieved the luggage from the Greensboro airport and he walked in the door at ten thirty Saturday night.

Brunswick, Milton and I are very happy to have him home and he's happy to be here. Even if it took some effort to get back.

As a reward for making it all the way through his tale of woe here are some photos from his trip. & they are in the order they are in in the file because I have no idea what order they should be in.


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