Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lili's first birthday

I meant to post these yesterday, but my laziness got in the way.

I made the cupcakes & smash cake for the party. They turned out alright. I haven't had a lot of practice, or any practice, making flowers, so some of them came out a little wonky. Also, the icing was too thin so that was another problem. Once I got it all done I was pleased. I'm calling it "whimsical."

The giant mess I made decorating
Smash cake (w/ Lili's initials)
She was excited
Testing the waters

Video of the event:

The carnage

Veronica only likes the icing

After she opened her presents

She loved her glow worm from Nana & Pa
She jumped up & down so much I couldn't get a clear picture

& she loves her big(gest) brother

Baby & daddy

Me & Mamaw

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