Thursday, March 11, 2010

Roller Derby!!

This morning I had my hair cut. It was long over due & my previously cute, sassy cut had morphed into something that resembled a Zac Efron do. Not good.

So I went in for a trim, or chop. However you want to look at it, but my hair cut isn't the point of this post.

I was talking with my hairdresser & she mentioned that she was going to join the local roller derby & her first meeting was tonight. Roller derby? I didn't even know we had one up here. One of my high school buddies, Heather, has recently gotten into roller derby & I've been very envious of all her posts on facebook about what a great time she's been having. Plus I've always loved to roller skate, so it seemed like something I'd like to attempt.

I met Kari (my hairdresser) at the local skating rink tonight at 6 and together we began our roller derby journey.

Here are my observations from the evening.

  • I was a little intimidated because derby girls are tough & I thought I was walking into a well established group of skaters. I was wrong.
  • The league is brand new. Right now they are just trying to drum up enough interest to form solid teams. Once that happens things will move forward into training for derby.
  • When we got to the counter the lady (probably in her mid 70's) asked us if we wanted speed skates or regular skates. We asked her the difference. Her answer: A dollar. 
  • Speed skates are not at all like regular skates. They have four wheels and "brakes" on the front, but the similarities stop there.
  • I used to be really, really good at roller skating. It's kind of like riding a bike. You know, as far as staying on your feet and going in a circle. The other stuff? Not so much.
  • The RN that works for my gynecologist was there. I asked her if she was there for the derby and she said, "Oh yeah! I'm totally going to do it!" I can't decide if that's really cool or slightly creepy.
  • About an hour in two older guys showed up. They were kind of odd. One of them kept cutting me off & they were both dancing around to the music. It was very creepy. They weren't there for derby. The would have been super creepy & I would have immediately found my way to the exit.
  • I met another girl there that works for my orthopedic surgeon. I never met her at the doctor's office, but she told me they still talk about my crutches. Awesome!
  • Skating is hard work
  • Not at all like running. I was completely unprepared
  • But I'm totally going back & I plan to peer pressure some others into going with me.
That about sums it up.

Andy is a little concerned for my safety, but his choices in activity aren't exactly perfectly safe. After all I've lived through I think I can handle a few scabs and bruises.

I'm going to go crash now. Tomorrow morning isn't going to be pretty.

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  1. yay! so i'm just sitting at work thinking "why hasn't joanna blogged about her brand new hobby?" and then i realize "oh wait- i havent seen any new blog updates in a looooong time- where IS she?"
    clearly i missed the move...
    but i'm soooooooo excited for you and can't wait to read about your adventures- i would love to resurrect my old blog to talk derby, but since i sold my soul to CRG i just can't seem to find the time- so i'll live thru you :)