Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goodbye flannel sheets

Today was such a beautiful day. I can't wait until the temperature is permanently in the 70's and everything is lush and green. I'm sure we have another cold burst or two looming over us in the coming weeks. It's inevitable that we get all cozy and comfortable with our windows open and our painted toe nails with flip flops only to have everything squashed by a return of winter. It's something I've come to accept, but I'm going to enjoy the suns rays while I can.

Andy even got a sunburn today. Which isn't hard for him to do, and he'll have many more before winter returns next November, but his skin hasn't had this much color in a long time. I've really enjoyed calling him a lobster this evening.

I spent the afternoon reading, napping and wrangling young'uns. My mom came up with my grandmother and the three musketeers. It's always an adventure when they come. Veronica wanted to make something in the kitchen, but I was sadly unprepared as this was an impromptu visit. I'll make it up to her next time.

We went to Chick-fil-a (we're regulars when the kids are with us) to let them play in the indoor play space and catch up on family happenings. The kids didn't talk too much about Lilianna. Alex clung to me a little more than normal. He's always happy to see me, but he never has to have my by his side like that. It seems he's feeling the loss of his status as the family baby. He'll survive I'm sure and enjoy his baby sister once she can interact with him a little better.

Jerem came out of the play space at one point and declared that he had found his true love. Honest to goodness that is exactly what he said. There was a really cute little girl playing with them and I guess he took a fancy to her. He said that she was six years old and she was invited to his birthday party and he was going to marry her one day. But he couldn't tell us her name. It was possibly the sweetest thing ever. Alex was keeping up family relations as he sat next to the little girls dad and talked to him. He was just trying to make the way a little easier for his big brother. ; )

All-in-all it was a really nice Saturday. I didn't get to go out and run in the sunshine like I'd planned because I stayed with the kids a little too long, but there's always tomorrow. And I've got my pm pilates dvd to get me through the night.

Don't forget to spring forward tonight! Yay for longer days!!

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