Thursday, March 19, 2009


These past few months Andy has taken a serious interest in cycling. He's always been at home on a bicycle, but he's taking it more seriously now. Making it his summer sport of choice. Something has to take the place of skiing and fishing just doesn't give the same aerobic benefits. While he hasn't given up on fishing (hell will freeze over first) he has decided that cycling would be a good thing to add to his repertoire of hobbies.

He has a new bike. He's slowly purchasing new gear. He's planning on what races and events he wants to participate in.

And he's shaving his legs.

Yes, that's right. Shaving his man stumps. Many avid bikers do so. Something about aerodynamics, as I understand it. Please enlighten me if there is something more to the story.

The point of this is that now he knows what my life has been like for the past fourteen years (give or take). He doesn't complain anymore when my legs are a little prickly. I'm here to tell you that a day's worth of growth on my legs feels like rabbit fur compared to a day on his; which resembles something like a cactus. But it bothers him to have prickles and he doesn't like to sleep with unshaven legs now. Something about the prickles not feeling good. No kidding?

Also, he understands the need to purchase a fancy razor for leg upkeep. He has a nice one for his face, but when he decided to sheer his legs he went out and bought the cheapest disposable razor he could find. Result? A lot of nicks, and because he refuses to use lotion it took them a long time to heal. He did confess to me that he had used my razor after that and it does a much better job. Duh! I haven't asked if he's using it regularly. I guess I'd better. I don't mind if he uses one like it, but I'm not sharing razors.

He has managed to keep it up for several weeks now. I'm interested to see how long it lasts. I must confess it's taken me a while to get used to feeling his smooth legs next to mine at night. It's not all together unpleasant, just different.

And if I thought it wasn't possible for his legs to get any whiter, I was terribly, horribly wrong.

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  1. My husband used to ride [road] (and race a bit too, with ABRC) so I was always amused when his legs were smoother than mine. He also claimed that shaven legs were best for cleaning injuries (the dreaded road rash) which would inevitably happen. We really miss being in WNC - his favorite place to return is the long climb of Buck Creek (Hwy 80, I think). He's now more into mountain biking and apparently those guys don't shave, darn! And good luck with all the gear - I swear cycling as a hobby is more expensive than having a baby!