Friday, March 20, 2009

A true spring baby

Today is my nephew's third birthday. My youngest nephew that is. His name is Alex. He just became a big brother for the first time three weeks ago to Lilianna. Remember Lilianna?

It's tough not being the baby anymore. When he met his new sister for the first time they tell me that he seemed alright with her, but his mother was not very high up on his list of people he liked. He wouldn't even give her a hug. Then when I saw him he became very attached. He's usually glad to see me and gives me hugs. Then goes about his merry way. But the last time I saw Alex he wouldn't let me out of his sight for about an hour.

I guess he was feeling the effects of big-brotherdom.

So we're having a little party for him tomorrow. He has had a celebration today with his parents and siblings, but when you're feeling down you need a little something extra. So we're going to carry the celebration over another day.

I spent the better part of my afternoon making cupcakes for his party. I mixed and baked and iced and sprinkled. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out and I'm sure Alex will love them. He loves blowing out candles and being sung to. His two older siblings have never cared for the birthday song. Although I can imagine it's overwhelming to have nearly twenty people belting it out to you all in a different key.

I'll be sure to take pictures of tomorrow's festivities to share with you. I may even get a little video of the birthday boy blowing out his candles; over and over again.

Happy Birthday Alex!

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